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“Jelle his ‘no nonsense’ painting course is really no nonsense. No drawing, no dry theoretical stuff, just clear references and guidance. With strikingly beautiful results!”

Franca, student

Photo by Carolien van den Bos
Photo by Carolien van den Bos

Because I want to show what art can bring us I started this course. It is named ‘no nonsense’ to underline the effective character of the course. With a clear technical background, a few tricks and a totally new way of looking the students learn to make their first steps in the wonderful world of figurative art. It is a practical approach full of discovery. In the course you will learn:

  • How to recognize visually attractive elements in other art works
  • To use these elements in your own work
  • That it is all about overcoming yourself and not others
  • A nice way of making a portrait, a still life or a landscape
  • Having confidence
  • Having fun
  • How to continue learning after the course ends
Student results of two sessions of three hours, showing some interesting and nice differences, even including a fauvistic work.

“Jelle is a very inspiring teacher! The course was nicely balanced in terms of academic foundation and artistic freedom.”

Arnout, student