Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

– Frank Lloyd Wright

Artist’s statement

Painting for me is an artistic search for understanding the complexity of nature.

Schooled in mathematics and physics theory as part of my engineering degree, I have an interest in how nature creates and destroys, moves and stands, heats and cools, appears and disappears and how she presents herself to our eyes. Despite the intelligent interpretation humans have on her behaviour, I believe grasping her true complexity will always be out of our reach, or that of the machine.

In modern society many people are disconnected from nature, or even have a hostile stand towards it. For example, there are people that do not know a bee’s purpose, or those who exchange the existence of ecosystems with thousands of years of history for quick cash. I see it as my artistic mission to show us why humans should be humble towards nature and reconnect to her immense beauty, especially in an era where electronic devices are offering us misleading realities, and the possibility to travel anywhere makes us forget the beautiful woods outside our village.

Although I have not studied at a fine arts academy, I educate myself partly from a classical tradition by intensively studying the old masters and dedicating myself to the craftsmanship part of the art. In my portraits, I aim to emphasize the characteristics that make the person him or her over an idealized representation of the person. Alternatively stated, I portray the Self, as opposed to the Ego. My work is honest and true. I aim to portray life by its vibrant colours, shape and flow. With thick, directional brush strokes I follow the immensely complex facial muscles, or create life within a mere surface.


At secondary school I discovered my interest in painting and illustration. At my fourteenth, I finished my first commission and have been developing painting and drawing ever since.

In 2019 I finished my maritime engineering degree in Rotterdam. Nowadays I work as a research and development engineer in the maritime industry. After work, I pick up my tools and start creating in a less physics-constrained environment: on the blank canvas.

I passionately make landscapes and still lifes, but my specialty is portrait painting. This I do in goache and oils. Besides that I make illustrations, mostly in ink.


2013-2018 Marine Engineering, Hogeschool Rotterdam


2020 Dutch Portrait Price – ‘Weekend van het Portret’ exhibition

2020 Art route Brummen